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  • A website that is impressive, tells about the advantages of a product or service and turns users into buyers.
    from $ 1 500
    Awesome design, interface animation, seamless transitions between pages — thanks to this, your site will remain in your client's memory for a long time.
    from $ 4 000
    A site with a laconic design, which has all the necessary information about your business.
    from $ 1 000
    Proper promotion is the key to success for any business. A set of services to increase your sales.
    from $ 2 500
    I make websites for businesses of any scale. The corporate portal will become a powerful marketing tool and will emphasize the credibility of your company.
    from $ 2 500
    I create convenient online stores of various complexity. This is a powerful sales tool, integrated into the context of the business and marketing strategy.
    from $ 3 000
    A promosite allows you to announce the release of a new product to the market, strengthen the company's image or draw attention to a specific event.
    from $ 2 000
    Everything you need for business and its promotion on the internet: content development, product development, promotion and development strategy.
    from $ 5 000
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